5 Expert tips to get rid of squirrels from the house

Squirrels may look too cute to pet, but they can create a ruckus in the house. It is essential to be prepared of prevention programs such as enlèvement des ecureuils Capital Wildlife Control and protect the house from squirrels. We have a list of tips for you to follow that can help you get rid of them from the house and keep it safe. Squirrels are annoying as they make holes in the trees, pipes, chimneys, and make it hollow.

Other than the above issues, squirrels love to play with your house construction. The little mischievous creatures chew electrical wires and gas pipes resulting in risks of fire accident and short circuit. These carry bacteria and parasites; their roaming in and around the house can risk several diseases.

Follow these 5 tips and get rid of squirrels from the house:

  1. Trim the branches regularly:

Trim the branches regularly, especially the ones hanging around and on top of your house. Trimming the branches won’t let squirrels hang around or enter the house through the windows. Check the attic and rooftop to ensure these are closed properly to avoid branches getting in.

  1. Don’t leave food open:

Get rid of places that make ways or entry to the food sources for squirrels. To eliminate rodents, don’t let the food smell lurk in the house for long. Cover your food in packed airtight boxes and refrigerate the leftovers.

  1. Cover the trash cans:

Cover all your trash cans. Keep your trash bags and cans tightly covered if they are outside the house. Check the lids properly every time you throw the garbage. Food smell can attract many rodents to make way to the house.

  1. Seal pot holes and openings:

Seal the pot holes around your house. Check any opening or outlets in your house that can invite rodents and squirrels to enter. Block the entrances using wire mesh screens. Be careful of any other openings or cracks in the walls. Keep a track of the same too.

  1. Get professional support:

If you suspect squirrel entry, it would be wise to call for professional help like enlèvement des ecureuils Capital Wildlife Control. They have the best staff that is skilled at tracking and trapping various types of wildlife species. Report to them directly for any wildlife animal issue you face in your location.