Best Hair Styling Trends that will Dominate in 2024

We have crossed almost half-way through 2024. Still, many people are thinking of a new makeover and wondering what the latest hairstyling trends are. We can notice that the trend of short haircuts started last year. Different hairstyles, from a bob haircut to Italian bobs, or blunt bobs, gained quite popularity last year. You can contact the best hairdresser Montreal to get an idea about the best hair styling trends in 2024.

The Best Hair Trends of 2024

There are several hair styling trends that will be popular in 2024. Let’s have a look at the best hair trends of this year.

Baroque Bob

When you think that you have seen all the possible types of bob haircuts, another iteration has entered the chart. The baroque bob is set to be a great hair trend in 2024. The style of long bob haircuts with natural curls has gone. Baroque inspired curls are extremely popular this year. However, this year, this style will evolve with a contemporary twist. Many celebrities have already embraced this style. This amazing hair style offers a combination of timeless beauty and modern artistry. If you don’t have natural curls, you can surely use a curling wand to create some volume with your bob.

Velvet Hair

Shiny, and healthy hair resembles luxurious fabrics like velvet and silk that have a lustrous glimmer and movement. With this hair style, you treat your hair as a luxury fabric that elevates your look. You can maintain the shiny look with good home hair care, glossing treatments, or going to the salon to get that multi-dimensional shine. Influenced by high-end fashion, the velvety hair style is on the rise. In 2024, this hairstyle will evolve with iridescent pigments.

Elevated Updos

The trend of elevated updows is not slowing down in 2024. However, in 2024, you can expect to see more classic updo hairstyles. These sculptural styles will have an undone element that makes them all more wearable. In 2023, you must have seen updows took the centre stage on runways. In 2024, the trend will evolve with a touch of elegance and sophistication.


Volume is something that is never out of fashion. A lot of people want to achieve volume in their hair. It’s a key characteristic of the latest hair trends you will notice in 2024. Even in 2023, volume was already a key player in high-end fashion.

Mini Bob

Presently, many stylists prefer shorter lengths. Hence, the mini bob hairstyle is getting so trendy in 2024. This hairstyle falls anywhere between the cheekbones and the jawline. Hair stylists combine soft and bold elements with this hairstyle to allow versatile styling options.

XL Lengths

This year, short hairstyles won’t be going anywhere. But longer lengths are making a comeback again in 2024. Many hairstylists predict that extensions will be popular in 2024. Custom made extensions are becoming popular because they allow clients to enjoy perfectly matched hair. This year, the trend will evolve to embrace individual textures and personalized styling, catering to the desire for a luxurious and unique look.

Bambi Blonde

If you are looking for a warm, buttery, and multi-tonal hair color in 2024, you must go for bambi blonde. This layering technique, with painstaking highlights in favor of thicker slices of honey, beige, caramel, and gold tones, blends seamlessly.

If you are a style enthusiast, you can surely follow these hairstyling trends. This hair trend will surely be popular in 2024. You can book an appointment with the best hairdresser Montreal to get your desired look. Also, follow your preferred trend to get an appealing appearance this year.