Important Chapters to Learn While Preparing for Class 10 Science CBSE


Class 10 Science includes a broad syllabus that covers numerous topics related to crucial chapters. We have listed essential learning chapters while preparing for class 10 Science CBSE. Students will need to study and practice important chapters from the class 10 Science board exam to score well in the exam.

Important Chapters to Learn While Preparing for Class 10 Science CBSE 

Understanding the essential chapters should help students prepare for the exams and plan their schedules better. 

Important Physics Chapters for Class 10th CBSE Board Exam 2022

Going through the important Physics chapters can help students prepare for the exams.

Chapter Name Topics
Light Reflection and Refraction Problems, Ray diagrams, application-based questions
Human Eye and Colorful World Natural Phenomenon, defect of eyes. Eye structure, Refraction through the prism
Electricity Electricity problems, electrical heating, circuit diagrams and Ohm’s law
Magnetic Effects of Electric Current Fleming’s left-hand rule, working the basics of motor and generator. Construction of motor and generator. Magnetic field, Induction of electric current
Sources of Energy Types of sources of energy and differences between them.

Important Chapters from Chemistry 10th CBSE Board Exam 2022

Check out these important Chemistry chapters and prepare for the exams:

Chapter Name Topics
Chemical Reactions Identification of types of reactions and balancing
Acid-Bases and Salts pH and indicators
Metals and Non-Metals Metallurgy-related Q’s, reactivity series, corrosion, alloys
Carbon and its Compounds Nomenclature, properties of carbon and esterification-saponification
Periodic Classification of Elements Atomic number-mass and the tendency of elements

Important Chapters from Biology Class 10th CBSE Board Exam 2022

Students must check out how organisms reproduce class 10 notes and other chapter notes for quick revision.

Chapter Name Topics
Life Process Heart, Blood & blood vessels, excretion
Control and Coordination Hormones, nerve impulses and neurons
Reproduction in Organisms Female reproductive system, difference b/w sexual & asexual reproduction and Types of asexual reproduction.
Heredity and Evolution Mendelism, homologous structures
Our Environment Garbage disposal and management, trophic levels food – food web

CBSE Class 10 Science Important Chapters: Preparation Tips

  • Read the NCERT Science books thoroughly. 
  • As CBSE examination questions are often repeated, constantly review the past year’s CBSE Class 10th board examination papers.
  • After finishing the curriculum, keep studying control and coordination class 10 notes and each topic regularly to ensure that you remember it on exam day.
  • Avoid reviewing new chapters one day or a few hours before the exam. This will add to the confusion and unnecessary anxiety.


Regular practice and assessment will assist you with quick revision and improve your expertise, problem-solving abilities, time management, pace, and accuracy. Furthermore, it is the only solution to overcome your shortcomings.


  1. What is the new CBSE pattern for the class 10 examination in 2023? 

For 2023, the CBSE Class 10 exam pattern has changed to one-term examinations. The examination will take three hours and include objective and subjective question types.

  1. Is it necessary to put the answers in the same order as on the question paper?

No, you can try the ones you are most familiar with first. 

  1. How can I enhance my presentation? Are there any marks awarded for good presentation?

Although no extra marks are awarded, your answers should be tidy and well-organised, with essential points emphasised.