Know about Project SAAMYA – A CSR initiative by DS Group India

DS Group India is deeply dedicated to corporate social responsibility (CSR) and has embarked on several initiatives to make positive contributions to both society and the environment. DS Group’s CSR initiatives reflect the group’s dedication to giving back to the community and being a responsible corporate citizen.

The group’s CSR activities centre around education, health, women’s empowerment, and community development. 

An exemplary initiative in this regard is the SAAMYA DS Group CSR Project, which specifically tackles the issue of gender equity.

Understanding the Importance of Gender Sensitivity

Gender-related ideas and their effects are present throughout society. Gender sensitivity aims to promote fairness and eliminate discrimination based on gender.

For instance, domestic violence, also known as wife-beating or intimate partner violence, is a serious issue with dangers for individuals and communities. It harms the victim and affects the family and the community.

Kids who see domestic violence at home are more likely to have problems with behaviour and emotions, like anxiety, depression, and struggles in school. Moreover, they are at a higher risk of becoming either victims or perpetrators of domestic violence when they grow up.

Teaching kids about gender sensitivity early on can help reduce incidents of wife-beating. By teaching values like respect, equality, and empathy from a young age, children can better understand gender roles and relationships.

Dharampal Satyapal Ltd and SAAMYA

Dharampal Satyapal Ltd has partnered with FXB India Suraksha to implement the SAAMYA project in three communities in Noida, Gautam Budh Nagar, Uttar Pradesh. This DS Group CSR Initiative aims to promote awareness and understanding among boys for a society that values gender equality.

This initiative seeks to tackle the issue of gender equity by incorporating it into the basic education curriculum, particularly focusing on boys in the country. DS Group India is introducing the concept of gender sensitivity to young people through workshops and modules, with more than 200 boys having already participated.

Building on this ongoing effort, Dharampal Satyapal Ltd is furthering its commitment to promoting gender sensitivity in youth throughout society by organizing additional gender sensitization workshops and modules.

SAAMYA Fellowship Programme 2022 

The SAAMYA Fellowship Programme is an integral component of the DS Group CSR Initiative

 – Project SAAMYA. It aims to extend and deepen the impact of this initiative by instigating change at the grassroots level. Collaborating with various NGOs, teachers, and facilitators, they develop training modules that serve as educational resources, aiding children in comprehending gender concepts through hands-on learning experiences. The SAAMYA Fellowship Programme spans six months and includes a one-month induction (training) period with mentors.

Social Impact Award

While the impact on society is the greatest award Dharampal Satyapal Ltd could have asked for, it is always an honour to be felicitated. The Indian Social Impact Award honoured Project SAAMYA as the “Gender Equality Initiative of the Year 2022-23.” 

Aligned with the vision of “Fostering Sensitized Boys for a Gender Equitable Society,” Project SAAMYA focused on boys aged 8-11 years, imparting knowledge on Gender, Equity, Empathy, and Respect through activity-based workshops, training sessions, and discussions. The impact of this DS Group CSR Initiative was recognized and awarded.

The Social Impact Awards 2023, an initiative by Indian CSR Awards organized by Brand Honchos, aims to acknowledge and commend Social Leaders, Thought Leaders, and institutions contributing to positive social impact by reducing inhuman practices.