Rolex Pearlmaster – A Sparkle To Cherish Forever

Are you looking for a jewellery watch? The Rolex Pearlmaster can be a perfect fit for you. The Pearlmaster is designed with 18-karat gold, and the design adds further shine and sparkle also. Let’s read the article till its end to know more about Rolex Pearlmaster features and its history

History Of Rolex Pearlmaster

First, the Rolex Pearlmaster was introduced in 1992 with a slightly larger interpretation from Rolex Datejust. Since its inception, the model has undergone many changes, and size is one of the most notable things in its upgrade. The design, aesthetic and look can act as a timepiece and jewellery. The name “Pearlmaster” is given for its design and rounded five-piece links.

Features Of Rolex Pearlmaster

The following features you can expect from luxurious ladies’ Rolex Pearlmaster:

The case comes in various shades such as white golden, yellow, golden and everyone. The bezel is also set with a scratch-resistant sapphire. The water resistance degree in this model is also exceptional, up to 330 feet.

The watch is also equipped with a traditional central hour, minute and second hand that allows you to track your time in the best way. The best thing about this model is its concealed folding crown clasp that makes the watch more attractive. The durability, accuracy, and look add to the further appreciation for the eye.

The most distinguishing feature of Rolex Pearlmaster is its distinctive bracelet. You can get the bracelet made in 18-karat gold or platinum with flexible five-piece link construction. The fantastic style and bracelet design add further luxuriousness to this timepiece.

Another interesting feature of that watch model comes with many varieties that Datejust offers. You can get the Rolex Pearlmaster in two sizes, and these are 34mm and the second is 29mm. The dial also ranges between colours such as silver, champagne and white. The 39mm model was launched in 2015 with selected colours like red grape, olive green and Sunburst with sapphires on its bezel.


In 1999, the Pearlmaster was updated from 2235 calibre to 2135 calibre. The Rolex Pearlmaster features the finest materials, elegance and fantastic craftsmanship – which can be a perfect fit for the ladies who always demand the best.