The versatility of Shelving Racks in your warehouse

Shelving in a warehouse is a method of storing and moving non-palletized objects. There are several options for warehouse heavy-duty stacking systems to accommodate the wide range of sizes, volumes, speeds, and weights of products stored there. My Interack’s Heavy Duty Shelving Racks are a quick, versatile, and inexpensive answer to your warehouse’s storage problems. With our versatile and extensive selection of shelf systems, you may securely and efficiently store a wide variety of items, making the most of the available storage space.


  • Intelligent Space Management 

It’s important to think about both your present and anticipated storage demands when deciding on a shelf system. Together, we’ll make sure your storage solution is both efficient and durable. Our smart shelf solutions are not only simple to construct but also flexible, so they can keep up with your changing needs. Our wide variety of shelf solutions can accommodate everything from bulky items to archived documents.


  • Saves Money

Our shelf solutions are perfect if you need a storage solution that will make the most of vertical space or minimize the impact on your present building’s footprint. Increasing productivity without disrupting operations, and maximizing your building’s footprint may help you avoid the time and money drain of a transfer. Walkways may be included in the structure of a multi-level shelving system. Cost-wise, this may be preferable to installing shelves on a mezzanine.


  • Design

My Interack’s creative and customer-focused design team will be working with you to make sure your individualized customised design perfectly reflects your company and its location. Boxes, massive or heavy things, tiny components, clothing, odd forms, and more may all be stored in specialized facilities.


  • Efficacy Enhanced

 Our shelf systems are not only an easy and inexpensive fix but they are also designed to improve the efficiency of your business. Storage density can be increased with custom shelving, precious and fragile goods can be better protected, manual stock handling can be streamlined, and picking efficiency can be boosted by dividing SKUs.


Reasons to Pick Us

At My Interack, we’re committed to providing first-rate products and services at affordable rates. We are proud to source and use only the finest British goods as one of the top Rack Suppliers Malaysia and producers of commercial Storage solutions, which helps the economy and the environment. My Interack is committed to excellence in everything that we do and seeks to demonstrate this commitment in all we do. Our skilled and creative design team will start to work on your ideal shelf system once we’ve established your storage requirements and demands. Our expert surveyors will check each project to make sure it follows all applicable safety rules and standards. You can trust us to design and specify your shelf system and its means of access by all applicable fire, health, and safety guidelines, as well as statutory requirements. We will be responsible for securing all applicable permissions. Our trained project managers have extensive expertise in all facets of the design, construction, and installation processes, so you can rest easy.