4 Plumbing Upgrades to Boost a Home’s Worth   

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One main question that a homeowner asks himself when thinking of selling his house is how to increase the property’s resale value. If such is the case, then upgrading the bathroom and kitchen plumbing is one of the effective solutions. The homeowner just needs to hire the best plumbers in annapolis and sit back and relax while professionals do their job. Moreover, an individual should choose the plumbing enhancements that meet his and the potential buyer’s needs. This article enlists 4 plumbing upgrades that can increase the market value of a home. 

  •       Pipes and Drains

Old pipes are more likely to be damaged, cracked, rusted, cloggy, or leaky, reducing the efficiency of the kitchen and bathroom. Outdated plumbing can also cause many other issues, like low water pressures, impure water supply, damage to electrical appliances, flooding, sewer backups, and more. 

The professional pipes and drains inspection by the best plumbers in Annapolis will help reveal their current condition and necessary repairs or replacements. Even though at first homeowners might not see the importance of upgrading pipes and drains, a well-functioning and blockage-free plumbing system makes things convenient and adds value to the house. 

  •       Replace an Old Water Heater

Replacing the old water heater with a tankless one is another major upgrade for any home. Potential buyers always look for ways to save money while buying a new home, and having a tankless water heater can attract them. Unlike a traditional water heater that continually stores hot water, a tankless water heater heats the water when required, saving homeowners money and energy. Moreover, these heaters take up less room. 

  •       Install a Dishwasher

Now that kitchen is one of the most vital rooms in a home, installing a dishwasher can be a big selling point for prospective buyers. Everyone wants a hygienic, efficient, and easy-to-maintain kitchen; thus, they check whether a kitchen has a dishwasher. They don’t want a sink full of dishes to be washed with hands while adding to the clutter. Installing a dishwasher will make the kitchen look up-to-date and boost the home’s market value. 

  •       Pipe Insulation

Most pipes and heaters are installed in the house’s basement, which is usually cooler than the other areas. If a house’s basement is unfamiliar with a ceiling, insulation can go a long way. Moreover, insulating pipes is an easy and economical house upgrade. A homeowner can contact the best plumbers in Annapolis to insulate the pipes. They will fit pipe wraps or sleeves over pipes to add a layer of warmth and protection. Moreover, they will cover up the pipes and faucets outdoors to protect and prevent them from freezing or cracking in winter. 


When upgrading the plumbing system to boost the property’s value, maintain a balance between functionality and aesthetics. After all, a renovated house should be well-functional while looking beautiful. And for stellar results, working with professional and experienced plumbing services is recommended. Half-baked upgrades need redoing the job, which can be a massive inconvenience for homeowners as it is time-consuming and costly.