How is DS Group Changing the Luxury Retail Sector?


Quality and exclusivity are the bedrock of the luxury retail industry. Find out how DS Group has reinvented these factors to help the sector evolve. 


Luxury retail is one of the fastest-growing segments in India. It has led to a massive influx of foreign brands in the country. DS Group, the leading Indian FMCG conglomerate, is steadily making its presence felt in the sector and playing a vital role in its development. Leveraging the combination of world-class quality and exclusivity, DS Group Luxury Retail is helping the country build an ecosystem of homegrown luxury brands. 

To make its foray into this sector, the company, which already has a strong presence in Mouth Fresheners, Tobacco, Beverage, Food, Confectionary, Agri, and Hospitality & Hotel industries, has acquired luxury brands like Le Marche, L’Opéra, Läderach, and launched UnCafe, a growing chain of premium salad bars. Let’s find out more about DS Group’s Luxury Retail businesses-

DS Group La Marche

La Marche is a chain of complete food stores, currently active at 6 locations in the Delhi NCR region. The store is a one-stop shop for all basic and exotic grocery needs. It offers a wide selection of everyday essentials, including groceries, spices, and staples, along with exclusive products imported worldwide. 

Fresh and marinated meats, seafood, and poultry products are also available at the DS Group La Marche stores. 

DS Group Läderach

Founded in Glarus, Switzerland, in 1962, Läderach is a leading global chocolate and confectionary manufacturer. From its world-renowned and trademarked FrischSchoggi to chocolate tablets, Läderach offers a vast collection of delicious and exclusive chocolate treats. In India, the brand is managed by DS Group, a DSL (Dharampal Satyapal Ltd.) subsidiary. 

Customers can visit the online platform of Läderach India to browse through the extensive collection of chocolates offered by the brand and place their orders. Currently, Läderach only delivers in the Delhi/NCR region.  

DS Group L’Opéra

Founded by the Samandari Family, L’Opéra is a leading Salon de Thé, bakery, and pastry house specializing in French products. It offers an exclusive range of authentic French delicacies, including Croissants, Quiches, Galette des Rois, Millefeuille, Macarons, and more. DS Group’s L’Opéra currently has 15+ outlets spread across the Delhi/NCR region. 

Authentic French food aficionados can also visit L’Opéra’s online store to order their favorite products and get them delivered to their homes. Home delivery is currently only available in selected Delhi/NCR locations. 

DS Group UnCafe

To encourage people to adopt healthier eating habits, DS Group has launched UnCafe. It is a chain of salad bars offering an extensive range of healthy food choices made by expert chefs from the best ingredients. 

With innovative food options like Cauli Burrito, Indigrainous, Twisted Tabouleh, Cous Cous, Shakshuka, and more, UnCafe is the perfect place to hang out with family and friends and enjoy delectable and healthy meals. UnCafe currently has two cafes in New Delhi and is also available on Zomato and Swiggy. 

DS Group Redefining Luxury Retail in India

DS Group Hospitality has witnessed unprecedented growth in the last few years. The FMCG is now utilizing its hospitality and hotel industry experience to redefine luxury retail in the country and provide consumers with unique food experiences. 

Visit the official website of these DS Group businesses to learn more.