How To Create Just Sold Postcards That Will Be Beneficial For Your Business?

Do you think about using a postcard for real estate marketing? You need to know a few things before using a postcard mail-out. These 5 points will help you make postcards that sell in any region. Just Sold postcards can be a great way to generate new business leads for agents. 

How To Create Just Sold Cards That Works

A checklist can help you ensure that only quality postcards are sold. The following five attributes ensure maximum impact:

    1. Great photography
  1. List the properties that were purchased
  2. Include testimonials
  3. Your contact information
  4. A Call to Action

 Each point is explained in better detail below to help you create a design that gets you more leads.

Great Photography:

Including stunning photographs is one of the best ways to make your postcard mailer stand out. Regarding photography for real estate, the old saying is that images can convey 1000 words.

A photograph can convey so many things to buyers. The same goes for previous sales property photos to attract new sellers. Long frontal shots showing the best aspects of the mailer are great for just-sold mailings. They’re also simple enough to show similarities that can resonate with other sellers.

What Properties Are Sold For:

It is essential to disclose the results you have achieved for previous sellers. Do you hesitate to include prices in your postcard mailer? Think about what message you subconsciously send to your potential buyers.

You can hide your prices and put yourself in the seller’s shoes. Wouldn’t that make you suspect that this agent might have something to hide? He isn’t proud of what he has achieved. You could include a price range to give your clients an idea of the price you have offered to your customers in the future.

One more reason to include the prices on your just-sold mail is that it gives you an idea of what they might be able to achieve. Likewise, this gives sellers an idea of what they can achieve for their homes.

Include Testimonials

Testimonials are still one of the most potent motivators. Hearing about the success of others can make you wonder if it could happen to you. This is gold for agents.

It would help if you didn’t stuff your postcard with irrelevant fluff. Include testimonials from clients if you want your postcard to be a good lead generator. Your clients should be able to talk about their experience working with you. Be sure to include names and photographs and follow any local regulations regarding testimonials.

Your Contact Information:

Your contact information must be included on the just sold postcards or flyers. Did you know that your contact information can significantly impact how it is presented?

Here are the things you should include, ranked by importance:

  1. Your name
  2. Your direct mobile/cell phone number
  3. Your headshot
  4. Your company logo
  5. Your website

All of these must be included if possible, but if space is tight, ensure to include the top 3 at least.

Pay attention to the readability and quality of the items. This can have an impact on the performance of your mailer.

Studies show that light-colored text against dark backgrounds can reduce readability. To improve readability, increase the font size.

A Call To Action:

The final thing to consider is a call to action. This is the most crucial piece of your newly sold flyer. You can choose from the traditional “free appraisal/price assessment” or more creative options like “I have a pre-qualified buyer list looking for properties in your area.” Contact today for a meeting. “

It is also possible to offer a lead magnet. This could be a brochure, flyer, or report that will entice sellers to learn more about the local real estate market.


Implementing all these things in just sold cards can help you reach heights. Hence, you make the most out of them by following the above-mentioned points.