What are the Advantages of SI Windows & Doors?

Gone are the days of wooden doors and windows; aluminum doors have proven to be better than them. Looks, usage, and convenience are what these doors and windows offer. You can easily glide them and look at your property’s view. SI Windows & Doors has a number of designs that you might like. 

However, if you want to convince yourself more about getting aluminum doors and windows, here are some advantages that will give you better insights. 

  • Cost Effective 

Who does not enjoy having the best thing at less cost? The aluminum doors and windows are a cheaper option that will save you some bucks. 

You can also opt for various soothing colors that will go with the interior of your house. White, black, and brown are some common colors that match almost every house’s interior.

  • Durability 

When you are building the house of your dreams, you want something that will last forever. The longevity and durability of aluminum are much more than wooden materials. 

Another point that you must not miss is that these doors are rust and corrosion-proof. And these factors make using this material the best decision for your home sweet home. 

  • Easy to Clean 

Cleaning your house will be another huge task after you get your house. You will find yourself spending more time cleaning that and that after you have your own house. 

Unlike wooden doors and windows, these doors are quite easy to clean. All you need is a dish soap and water solution and wipe the doos with a microfiber cloth. Cleaning the doors twice a year will help get you to go. 

  • Great looks 

These doors will give your house a sense of aesthetic as they are soothing to look at. The frame of these doors and windows is sleek, giving you a minimalist look. 


Another advantage of these doors and windows is that they can be made of any size and are easy to fit in. 

  • They are Fire Resistant 

In case your house catches fire, wooden doors and windows will burn easily. But using aluminum will help you keep your doors intact in a fire. 

They are also water resistant; that is, if you need to throw water off if they are subjected to rainwater, they will not lose their luster and shine. 

Wrapping up 

Now that you know so many advantages of aluminum doors and windows, what are you waiting for?