Choosing The Right Skids For Your Industrial Operations

The industrial sector is very particular with the parts for its systems. Every component must adhere to a strict set of criteria to be considered useful for machinery; otherwise, they could negatively impact overall performance and productivity. Skids are no exception to the rule.

Just like choosing the right pressure vacuum vent valve, selecting the appropriate skids for your application is vital to the smoothness of industrial operations. As an engineer, there are several crucial factors to keep in mind:

Fluid Properties

A key parameter in determining your skid is the fluid type. Properties like viscosity, specific gravity, vapour pressure, temperature, present solids and their concentration, abrasive and non-abrasive, and shear sensitivity are considered when determining the category of industrial fluid.

Once these properties have been identified, it will be easier to determine the suitable pump type and driver necessary for the application. The type of pump and its size are primary drivers for Treloar skid selection, further highlighting the importance of understanding the fluid type and its properties.

Flow Rate and Pressure

Besides the properties and type of fluid, skid selection also relies on the required flow rate and pressure. This is because these two determining factors greatly influence the kind of pump to be used for the application.

Material of Construction (MOC)

Certain fluids react with specific materials when they come into contact, which is why it is paramount to ensure that the material of all components of the pump and skid is compatible with the application. For example, the material of construction (MOC) of wastewater systems might not be suitable for the fluids of hazardous chemicals.


Skids must also be able to withstand the type of environment they will be used in. While it is a known fact that industrial locations are highly corrosive by nature, their intensity will still vary. Whether indoors, outdoors, or in a hazardous area, choose skids that are specifically designed to survive and preserve their integrity.

Top-Grade Skids Manufacturer

Of course, an essential aspect of skid selection is the manufacturer you are sourcing them from. Quality begins at the source, so it is wise to purchase skids and any other industrial component from industry-leading companies like Treloar.

Treloar is one of the most trusted manufacturers of critical fluid system parts in Australia. Visit our website for enquiries.