Guidelines To Ship Car Bought On EBay

People visit eBay to find the best car at the good possible price. On Bay auto sales are efficient but you need to be cautious while buying a car online. 

So, do your research thoroughly. Choose from eBay-certified used car owners, check the seller’s credibility, ensure you don’t overpay, consider the delivery costs, view the cancellation policy, leverage eBay’s vehicle protection plan, and pay via specific methods like COD or PayPal. 

Challenges of car transportation from eBay

A car is an expensive investment even if you bought a pre-owned set of wheels on eBay. Today, people are used to buying cars online without the usual test drive and tier kinking. eBay is catering to car buyers residing in another state or country. 

The challenge many buyers experience is getting a car from the place it is purchased to the final delivery destination. If this car purchase on eBay is your first, then read the blog on to ensure smooth and safe delivery without getting scammed.

Different methods to transport cars purchased on eBay

DIY driving

Some people wish to visit the seller’s location and collect the purchased car. However, it is expensive and time-consuming to collect the car bought on eBay. You got a great deal online, but getting to and from the seller’s location consumes a lot of time, fuel, and accommodation/hotel costs. 

It consumes the savings made via online purchases. Besides, there is the mileage that can add to get home. There is also a possibility that the car can get damaged on an extended road trip. Your car’s market value will decrease dramatically if you drive it home.

Hire a driver

Having the car picked up from the seller’s destination by a concierge service saves you time. However, this is also expensive because the car will clock all the miles and there is the possibility of an accident or damage during a road trip.

If the car purchased is classic or expensive then you may feel uncomfortable with the idea of some stranger driving it across the country on your behalf.

Book interstate car Transportation Company

 EBay buyers choose interstate car transport services to get their bought car from a different state to their residence in another state.

Auto Transportation Company’s offer enclosed carriers for expensive or classic cars, they specialize in moving vehicles long distances. It is a convenient and cost-effective way to get the car purchased on eBay onto your driveway. 

There are some things to consider if you plan to hire an auto Transport Company to deliver the eBay-purchased car. 

  • Request shipping cost quotes from 4 to 5 companies to ensure you receive what you pay for. Remember cheapest is not always the best. 
  • Consider what services are included and the insurance percentage for the car model you want to be shipped. 
  • Some movers can cost some more because they are experienced in handling online purchases. It is worth it because a little extra ensures the transport is safe and smooth.
  • The auto transport company will need proper documentation for the purchased car shipment across the state.
  • The car will also need to be empty and the carrier driver will be given the documents and keys. Ensure that the seller fulfills the needs and handles the mover as they show up to pick up the car. 

EBay is a great platform to buy cars at better rates and with good transportation knowledge, you can have it transported with ease across the state.