How Does the 2023 Genesis G80’s Powertrain Makes it Stand Apart?

The 2023 Genesis G80 is known for its luxurious nature. The mesmerizing looks along with cutting-edge design is what makes this car so unique. It is one of the prominent reasons why more people are keen on buying this vehicle.

However, something which many often overlook is the powertrain involved in this car. It is powerful and offers performance which is worth this vehicle. So, if you are looking to get this amazing vehicle, then rush to Moorestown Genesis dealer.

The powertrain that makes G80 stand apart

G80 apart from its tremendous design offers a remarkable powertrain that allows this vehicle to perform smoothly and steadily. The base models of G80 come equipped with an inline-four 2.5L turbocharged engine. This engine is capable of providing 300 horses and comes in either RWD or AWD system. Hence, people can buy whichever system is more comfortable for them.

Even though this is a luxury sedan, people want more power and quicker acceleration in their cars. Hence, this leads to them opting for the optional 3.5L V6 twin-turbo engine and AWD setup. Though both engines are mated to an automatic 8-speed, the default engine takes 5.7 seconds to reach 0-60 mph, while the V6 takes just 4.9 seconds to cover the same.

Moreover, such potent powertrains are why this car offers effortless steering, relaxed riding capability, and more. Also, the brake system of this vehicle is even more secure than its previous generation models.

Also, people seeking a little bit of athleticism should opt for its Sport model; it offers drivers more enjoyment when they are behind the steering wheel. This version comes with a V6 engine but its lunch control aspect helps to reach 0-60 mph within 4.7 seconds.

The powertrain provided for each of the Genesis G80 variants sets it apart from any of its rivals in this category. Even some of the most popular brands won’t be able to offer what this generation G80 does. Hence, to know more about this vehicle, you can simply visit luxury car dealer near Moorestown as soon as possible.

Some other things that make it unique

This vehicle’s pricing is another factor that makes it unique. What people don’t get is how such a fabulous car can be so reasonably priced. It is difficult for people to believe that such a luxury vehicle is available for less than six figures.

The starting price of the G80 is just $51k. A luxury sedan costing only a little over $51k is something no one anticipates. The next in the lineup is the 2.5T Advanced model which is priced at $55,295. The two top-most trims available for G80 are 3.5T Sport and 3.5T Sport Prestige, which costs just a little over $66,875 and $72,345.

All these things make the 2023 Genesis G80 quite a unique vehicle to buy. Hence, if you are looking for a large luxury sedan, then this should be your car. Just visit a dealership and check it out yourself. There is no doubt that you will like it and would want to buy it immediately.