Patchwork Rugs- what should you know?

A patchwork rug is a type of rug made from many different types of wool or cotton. They are created by sewing together pieces to create the new desired pattern rug. Patchwork has many kinds of stuff, including rugs, quilts, and clothing. Patchwork was being used in Egypt and China tombs. Patchwork design and style remain popular today that’s the reason patchwork has continued to be used throughout especially the people of Turkey used a popular style of rug and it highlights their traditions. Different attractive design rug enhances the eastern culture and makes an exceptional addition to the interior design of your property. Most people use these rugs in homes with children due to easy cleanup.

How is a patchwork rug made?

The process of making patchwork rugs is the same but there are slightly different methods and unique materials used in the creation of patchwork rugs. Recycled rugs or carpets are attached to a backing when newly created patchwork is made. The back of patchwork rugs is also made from further pieces of matting which increase the rugs’ durability. Hand stitching is used with labeled patches to make sure they are properly attached with backing. That’s why the result comes with a beautiful design rug that combines different colors and it provides an impressive look to the entire rug. When it comes to floor covering that has these characteristics, there is no comparison between any other rug with patchwork rug.

Patchwork rugs also contain a myriad of different features and you can place a patchwork rug on a stone or wooden floor to create a warm, inspiring, and engaging feel. The rug is a great place to sit in front of the fire on cold winter evenings. You can also use a patchwork rug on top of any plain rug or carpet which shows a splash of color.

Recycling old carpets to make new rugs

We live in a world where we are wasting many of the planet’s natural resources without any fear. Many industries also continue to pollute the surrounding environment with many of our production processes. For these reasons, it makes sense to recycle used products as much as possible. Many patchworks involve the use of recycling but not everyone. Some new patchwork rugs are made with pieces of carpets that are no longer in a functioning or usable state. But still, some rug parts are good in condition, which makes rugs more durable, attractive, and creative. Using good parts of old rugs is an excellent way to create a unique rug and it also helps to protect the planet.

Patchwork rugs bring traditional eastern culture to your home, investing in a patchwork rug will never let you down and it can bring a breath of fresh air to your property with a stunning rug and it would increase your living standard.