Things to Do Before Calling an Auto Accident Attorney

An attorney will guide you through the complexities of a car accident case. There are important things that you should do first before calling a car accident attorney. This will make sure you make the right decisions to move forward with the situation.

The suggestions below can speed up the process. It will also make everything less stressful for you. This allows you to get more out of your first meeting and consultation with your lawyer. Before seeing a seattle washington car accident attorney, do all these first.

Ensure Your Safety First

Make sure that everyone involved in the car accident is safe. Call for medical help right away even if there is no evidence that someone is hurt. During these times, your health and safety are the most important things to prioritize.

Collect Information and Evidence at the Scene

If it is possible, collect information and evidence at the accident scene. Take pictures and videos of the accident. This includes the damage to the cars and any injuries incurred. Make sure that you also have the other driver’s information. This includes their insurance details. Take note of the location, time, and weather when the accident happened. Your attorney will appreciate it if you have all this information.

File a Police Report

Call the authorities and have them come to the car accident scene. The police will write up a formal accident report. This data is helpful in your case later on. Also, ask for a copy of the police report and make sure to keep it. This information is vital to figuring out liability.

Consult Your Insurance Company

Before you call your attorney, report the accident to your insurer first. Attorneys will help you through the insurance claims process. It is important that you inform your insurance company of the incident as the other drivers’ insurers may try to minimize their liability. Before you provide any statement to the other party’s insurer, talk to your auto accident attorney first.

Call an Auto Accident Attorney

Have a presence of mind and stay calm after the accident. Make sure that you do all these before you get in touch with your attorney. This way, you are more prepared to give them the information and evidence needed to look over your case. Once everything mentioned above is carried out, call your attorney. You need their legal guidance and representation as they have a better understanding of these cases.