Wedding Linen Rentals: Tips for Choosing the Perfect Tablecloths and Napkins

Weddings are the most crucial event in anyone’s life, so it is essential to focus on even the most minor details. The minute details can make a massive difference in the wedding event. Therefore, people are skeptical about the theme, designs, decorations, and also, most importantly, wedding linen. 

In this article, we will discuss some critical points about wedding linens and how you can select the linens for a perfect match with your theme. You can also give this responsibility to event management companies for renting these linens. Various linen rental companies like Eventful Rental provide the best linens for weddings. 

What are Important Tips for Choosing Wedding Linens? 

  • Consider the wedding theme: In the contemporary period, various wedding events are based on the themes, posing an excellent possibility for people to enjoy. There are themes like rustic-vintage weddings and formal or classy weddings. So, in these themes, you can select the linens such as burlap or lace tablecloths in vintage themes or other complementary cloths for the theme. 
  • Select the suitable fabric: Fabric also plays a vital role in your wedding linens. You can select a material that looks beautiful and comfortable for the guests. The most common choice of fabric, especially in weddings, is satin or silk, which provides an elegant and luxurious look to the wedding. You can also select polyester tablecloths for more affordable linens and drape them nicely on tables and chairs. 
  • Linen Texture and Patterns: Once you are done selecting the fabric, you have to now decide on the texture and patterns of the linen. The way on wedding linens and the visual art on these clothes can provide impressive decor. You can choose designs with subtle art or bold patterns. It also depends on the theme of the wedding, which can say which pattern should be selected for you. The simple decor can provide an elegant look, but it all depends on the theme of your wedding. 
  • Choose the right size of the linen: The right size is also essential because some tables are without linen; some have half covered, while some are three fourths, and some are covered completely. So, you have to choose which size of linen will suit your wedding theme. Ensure that it also works the height of the table and that the cloth is not dragging on the floor or the guests’ laps. 
  • Coordinate with the napkins: The tablecloths should complement the wedding color theme. You can choose the contrasting color with the tablecloth or the same color. The pattern can also be contrasting, but it all depends on the theme of the wedding. So, these are some essential points to remember while choosing the linen for the wedding.