1 Bedroom Serviced Apartment: Benefits Of Having An Intimate Space

One reason why people want to stay alone is to be private. It is the most common reason, they don’t want to get disturbed. Whatever the reason why they want privacy, it is their own choice. Therefore, a 1 bedroom serviced apartment hong kong has opened up its properties for people looking for an intimate space that guarantees safety and convenience. Serviced apartments are opening their units for people who are looking for short and long-term stays.

A most common reason why serviced hotels are offered is the comfortable and homey feel that drives guests to stay in this cozy room.

Intimacy and comfortability in one

One great advantage of a serviced hotel is the 2-in-1 service. It doesn’t only offer a comfortable feel, but intimate as well. So, you can freely enjoy the stay while keeping yourself comfortable because the homey feel of a one-bedroom serviced apartment mimics the environment of your own home.

You can stay in the living room while watching your favorite movie or sleep comfortably in your bedroom without any disturbance.

Benefits of staying in serviced accommodation

Choosing a serviced accommodation gives you a lot of benefits over alternative accommodation solutions, such as:

  • Space. A serviced apartment offers lots of space for the guests with various areas:
    • Work
    • Cook
    • Relax
    • Sleep
  • Amenities. It promotes a homey feel with private cooking facilities and laundry facilities. The guests normally get a proper area to work, such as:
    • Desk
    • Table
  • Flexibility. A serviced apartment offers guests the flexibility and freedom. The guests are free to come and go when they wish and have entirely their own schedule.
  • Staffed support. A stay in serviced apartment provides guests with the hotel-like amenities, such as:
    • Cleaning
    • Maintenance
    • staffed service

Operators offer added extras such as:

  • bespoke welcome hampers the guests
  • availability of shopping services
  • ironing and dry-cleaning services
  • meet and greets
  • chauffeur driven arrival
  • Cost-effective. A serviced apartment is more cost-effective than an alternative accommodation, especially for those with longer stays.
  • Self-contained. From social distance to a safety point of view, a serviced apartment is a self-contained environment with fewer communal areas and offers contact-free check-ins.
  • Interior design. Most serviced accommodations pride themselves on the attention to interior design for the guests to enjoy lifestyle-enhancing designs on their stay.

A serviced apartment is ideal for you

The serviced apartment has a unique type of accommodation that offers several benefits over the hotel. Serviced apartments include all the amenities of a hotel, such as:

  • air conditioning
  • kitchen
  • private bedrooms
  • bathrooms

It makes it ideal for travelers who want to stay in a place, but with access to all the facilities of a hotel.

Serviced apartments offered the same amenities as hotels, such as flexibility and greater privacy. Serviced apartments are not attached to one specific location, which allows you to stay where you want without worrying about long waiting times or a difficult check-in process. In addition, serviced apartments have a more diverse range of amenities than hotels.