Effective Pet Training Products from Hidden Fence

Are you having trouble ensuring your pet does not misbehave?

Training their cats and dogs to follow house rules can be frustratingly difficult and tedious for most pet owners, especially if their pets are stubborn. Fortunately, plenty of pet experts have innovated various pet training products to help owners, including DIY cat fence systems.

In Australia, Hidden Fence has become the leading supplier of pet training products that effectively manage cat and dog behaviours that are otherwise hard to control, such as barking and escaping properties.

Let us introduce the bark collar and invisible fences supplied by Hidden Fence, discussing how they can train your pets.

DogWatch® Bark Collars

Many pet owners find it easy to teach their dogs basic commands such as sitting, walking, rolling over, and proper behaviour, including toilet training. 

However, controlling your dog’s baking cycle can seem impossible. While you can reinforce your pet’s good behaviour – like where to relieve themselves – with praise and a treat, teaching your dog when barking becomes excessive is tricky.

It can be bad when your dog barks non-stop for hours daily, especially at night when the neighbourhood is asleep. To keep your dog from becoming a nuisance, take advantage of Hidden Fence’s DogWatch® Bark Collar.

The DogWatch® Bark Collar is designed to stop your dog from barking excessively. If your dog exceeds the barking limit, this device administers a controlled stimulation that distracts your pet. Eventually, your dog will understand when enough is enough.

Hidden Fence’s DogWatch® Bark Collar uses a vibration with a progress setting that allows you to set how far your dog can bark before the collar stimulates it. It begins with a warning noise, then a low vibration that gradually increases when your dog won’t stop.

CatWatch® DIY Cat Fence

As cat owners, we know too well how difficult it can be to keep your cat within your property. Unlike dogs, cats can negotiate existing barriers, finding ways to escape by climbing, digging, and squeezing through gaps.

Instead of settling for traditional fences, Hidden Fence’s CatWatch® DIY Cat Fence is a better solution. 

This intelligent system uses a special wire that can be laid around your property and a transmitter that sends signals to a specially designed collar. If your cat attempts to cross the established perimeter, the transmitter sends a radio signal, activating an audible alert that warns your cat to stay away.

If your cat ignores the alert, the collar induces a non-injurious electric stimulation.

Hidden Fence has kept millions of pets safe at home with its intelligent training products. With years of industry experience, you can trust them to provide optimal solutions to your pets’ training blues. 

Visit Hidden Fence to browse their catalogue of unique training collars and fences for cats and dogs.