Soberlink Review: What will you think about this?

Soberlink is a technology company based in Huntington Beach, California. They are a company that develops alcohol-measuring devices. It is a professional breathalyzer system with face recognition that automatically delivers real-time results to a specific person. Soberlink thinks responsibility is essential in recovering from alcoholism. So they developed a device around it. Their main goal is to support accountability through a comprehensive alcohol monitoring system. With the help of this article, you will read more about soberlink reviews.

Features of soberlink device:

The Soberlink device uses next-level technology to help you with your alcohol recovery. The device has many interesting features like ours:

  • Built-in protection, including facial recognition software
  • Other tamper-proof features ensure reliable and accurate processes.
  • wireless connection
  • portable design

The soberlink is also medically approved by the FDA 510(k). The device is often used to treat addiction, family law, and compliance with the law in the workplace.

Cost of the device:

The cost for Soberlink devices depends on the device you choose.

  • Soberlink Connect (120-day commitment): $299.00
  • Soberlink Cellular (120-day commitment): $399.00
  • Soberlink Connect: $499.00
  • Soberlink Cellular: $599.00

Soberlink Review:

According to Soberlink reviews, this company has helped a lot of people. Of course, it’s important to stay motivated and disciplined to get rid of alcohol addiction. Soberlink is just a tool to help you reach your goals faster and it is a company that puts customers first.

Soberlink’s device has an electrochemical fuel cell sensor. This sensor provides a response you can compare to BAC when someone gives you a breath sample. It detects alcohol and does not work with other substances. Soberlink has several proprietary technologies that can tell if a sample is from human breath. If someone wants to falsify the test, the system will send notifications to the specified contacts. The same technology also ensures that the right person uses the device. That’s because the device uses facial recognition technology to verify the user’s identity for each test. Getting a sober friend to take the quiz is also not an option. Soberlink works hard to eliminate every solution. Before using this device, you need to read more about soberlink reviews.

After you take the test, your friends/family can view the results with real-time reporting available. This will make you more responsible for staying on the right track and your friends and family will trust you more too. It is a device with your best interests in mind.

The alcohol test is automatically uploaded to the Soberlink web portal. Participants can also use Soberlink multiple times per day. Each test takes less than a minute, and using the device is a very easy way.